Pasco teens spend a week learning about the business world

“It was hushed Thursday, as groups of teens gathered to make the final touches on their marketing plan presentations for judges sitting in booths along the wall of the rodeo arena.

About 850 Pasco, Chiawana and New Horizons high school seniors filled TRAC for the annual weeklong business simulation.

They were sorted randomly into teams of 16 or 17 students and were assigned a company type. They developed products, marketing plans, human resources manuals and website designs, and participated in team-building exercises.

They presented their work Thursday and took part in a stockholder meeting and trade show on Friday.

Across the hall, teams displayed their creativity with signs on the outside of curtained “offices.” Their mock businesses bore names like Ultimatum, Talk2Me and Media3. The posters included the addresses for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages the students put together to sell the products.”

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